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Our door repair and door installation company has been working in the New York City area for over a decade. We offer comprehensive door repair NYC services to all commercial and residential properties. These services include: door installation, door repair, door replacements, as well as door supply.

We can handle any and all door issues you may have – including exterior doors, interior doors, door closer, door hinges, water strips, and more!

Currently, NYC Door Repair & Installation proudly serves the following boroughs in NYC: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, and The Bronx

Neglecting Door Repairs, Door Installations, and Door Replacements:Edge of Door Closer

Doors usually receive a lot of wear and tear throughout years of use. Many homeowners with older homes have aging, outdated doors that are either falling apart or no longer fit in with the overall look of the house.


Most people do not think much of doors when it comes to overall home restorations, renovations, or overall security updates. However, doors are an essential part of homes because they function as both a security passage into your humble abode; and, contributes to the overall aesthetic of your home.


Additionally, the same philosophy can be applied not only to residential properties, but commercial ones as well!


If you’re unhappy with the look of your doors or plan to replace a broken door – contact NYC Door Repair & Installation today. We will save you time, energy, and money by helping you replace, install, and/ or repair your doors – making sure it functions and fits properly in your home or office.


Our door repair NYC services will provide you with efficient and effective services regardless of your door issues.

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NYC Door Repair & Installation offers a wide range of services in order to cover all of our client’s wishes. These services include:


  • Door Repair, Door Replacement, and Door Installation:

After a long period of time, doors (especially wooden ones) will begin to rot and deteriorate. On the other hand, metal doors can begin to rust and break down. If you happen to experience such scenarios, contact our company immediately and we will help you fix any problems.


  • Commercial and Residential Service:

We do not only service residential properties and homes in NYC. Our company has over a decade of experience servicing commercial properties as well! Experienced professionals at our company go through rigorous training so that they are fully equipped to tackle any door problems whether it be for homes, offices, schools, storefronts, etc.


  • Door Supply of all Kinds:

If your simply looking for a specific style of door, save yourself some time and contact us first. We most likely have the door you’re looking for in stock! We will not only supply it to you, but also help you install the door as well.

Why choose us?

There are many door repair, door installation, door replacement, and door suppliers – especially in a densely populated city such as NYC. However, we can ensure you our door repair NYC services come second to none. We provide top quality services – and at the best rates, guaranteed.


  • Reputation:

We have built up great a reputation over the past decade for helping residents and commercial property owners with all their door difficulties. All of our customers are very satisfied with the work we’ve done, and we’re happy to serve them.


  • Expertise:

All of our employees are trained and provided with the latest tools to help our diverse crowd of clients. We are New York City’s #1 and most reliable door company – it’s in our name!

Our door repair NYC services stand by our code to supply appropriate equipment, so as to ensure the delivery of perfect doors – which are durable and suits the home’s overall aesthetics.


  • Fast Response:

Here at NYC Door Repair and Installation, we understand accidents can happen at any point in time. As a result, this is why we ensure fast response times for our clients.

This is especially necessary for commercial properties because we do not want our fellow business owners to lose revenue.


  • Affordable Door Repair NYC services:

One of the factors most people consider when purchasing door is the cost, and high costs repels customers. So, we offer our loyal customers excellent services without breaking their bank.

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    Whenever you need a reliable and trustworthy company for door repair, door installation, door replacement, or door supply – contact NYC Door Repair and Installation as soon as possible. We guarantee you will be satisfied with our work.

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