Doors and or gates are the entry and exit-points to any property. Have you ever been locked into your property, for your door is hinged to its place and not moving? What if you are unable to leave your garage as it cannot be unlocked or opened? Did you know that even an unpleasant weather condition can also ruin the metallic composition of the doors? What if I told you that our residential door repair service can help you regardless of any incident.


NYC Residential Door Repair

NYC Door Repair & Installation company proudly serves clients in both residential and commercial sectors. We attend to any door damage or installation queries needed.Residential Door Repair NYC

We specialize in residential door repairs, installations, and more. Additionally, we administer special techniques are required to help improve home door restoration and installation depending on the type of door material.

Our team’s expansive knowledge and expertise rests on the fact that we have been in this industry for over 10 years. Therefore, our team can fix any interior or exterior door setup with absolute precision.


Why Choose Us?

Here are some reasons for choosing NYC Door Repair & Installation. Our residential door repair service can help by the following:


  • Interior Door Repair NYC

Interior doors are quite significant to the compartmentalization of a residential or commercial property. These enable the inhabitant to have his or her own private space. Thus, a faulty interior door requires immediate attention for restoration.

We install interior doors quickly and efficiently – using only the highest quality materials. Our services include:

  • Door repairs for doors that do not lock
  • Reducing or eliminating noise from doors
  • Fixing slamming, falling, sagging, warped doors, etc
  • Fixing wooden doors

Home Door Installation NYC

Door Repair NYC | Door Installation NYC


A home without doors is unimaginable in today’s world. Therefore, we follow our client’s requirements and composition of materials used to install the perfect doors for your home! Not only do we install a door, but we also:

  • Install and repair Glass doors
  • Fix Garage and Warehouse doors
  • Install and repair Storefront doors and Frames
  • Hollow metal-fire doors
  • Install Custom-fit windows


  • Door Replacement NYC

In an emergency situation, (whether climatic or physical) accidents can lead to a damaged door. As a result, this calls for a professional team with paramount experience to attend to the customer’s immediate requirement of door replacement.

Residential Door Repair NYC


  • Commercial Door Repair NYC

Appealing storefronts help queue up customers for business. This idea and concept-driven goal drives our company to create beautiful and alluring doors for storefronts and other commercial establishments. We also have a dedicated team to attend to several diverse and critical door repair inquiries after the regular office working hours. We also offer emergency door repair and installation services even at the last minute.



So, call NYC Door Repair & Installation on (347) 774-0770 and get attended to for all our residential door repair services related to door and hinge inquiries. We operating in the following boroughs of New York City: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, and the Bronx.


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